Work Out or Blank Out

One of the greatest health fears as we age is Alzheimer’s Disease, the loss of memory disease that seems to turn us into vegetables. This study reinforces the benefits of exercise. As we age we tend to have less energy, more joint pain, and it seems “right” to take it easy. We’ve earned it, right? Wrong. Burning more calories linked with greater gray matter volume, reduced Alzheimer’s risk | EurekAlert! Science News Using mathematical modeling, the researchers found that the individuals who burned the most calories had larger gray matter volumes in the frontal, temporal and parietal lobes of the … Continue reading Work Out or Blank Out

Strengths Challenge Day 4: Strengths Resources

Today’s focus is on strengths resources. What are strengths and where can you learn more about them? The terms strengths, signature strengths, and core strengths are often used interchangeably.  So what are strengths? What Are Signature Strengths? Strengths are your best assets, your best skills, your top characteristics. They’re what makes you, you. When other people who know you well think of you, they think of your strengths. Your strengths give you energy. When you use them you’re energetic, enthusiastic, competent, and happy. What’s not to like? I first learned of signature strengths when reading Dr. Martin Seligman’s groundbreaking book, Authentic … Continue reading Strengths Challenge Day 4: Strengths Resources

Strength Challenge Day 3: Key to Compassion

Faced with thousands of stimuli each day, maybe each hour, we use a process that helps us absorb a new stimulus and move on to the next. The process involves searching memory for similar stimuli, finding a match, and attaching a label. An unknown someone appears at the doorstep: Oh, he’s selling something, don’t bother answering the doorbell. Sullen clerk in a store, mid-20’s in age, lots of piercings: High school dropout, living at home sponging off parents. Gray-haired person contemplating a cart full of groceries: Grandpa can’t remember where he parked or how he’s going to carry those heavy … Continue reading Strength Challenge Day 3: Key to Compassion

Strength Challenge Day 2: Resilience

Resilience The ability to bounce back. Life is filled with challenges, some are devastating, some merely challenging. To acquire or maintain inner calm and satisfaction will require resilience. Resilience when applied to something material implies returning to an original shape. Humans never return to a previous state after dealing with a life challenge. Challenges shape us, form us, harden, and strengthen us. One of my top strengths is perseverance: finishing what I start, moving forward in spite of challenges, and taking pleasure when completing tasks. (Crossing a task off my list is satisfying.) Many years ago my perseverance strength leaned more toward stubbornness. … Continue reading Strength Challenge Day 2: Resilience

Strength Challenge Day 1: Renewed Focus

Today is day one of the one week Strengths Challenge, which is an experiment in renewed focus on personal strengths. Can eleven minutes each day renew and extend my use of a key strength and result in greater positive feelings throughout the day? I followed the challenge guidelines over the weekend and set up my three part strength-challenge habit: A Cue; My Routine; My Reward. Cue: Turning on my computer, a daily habit which will remind me to engage the following routine. Routine: Draft a blog post about one life insight. Shoot to publish after ten minutes rather than my … Continue reading Strength Challenge Day 1: Renewed Focus

The Benefits of Positivity and Cost of Negativity

Are you inherently a positive or negative person? Is this inherent and unchangeable? Studies show some people are more positive in their approaches to life, while others tend toward negativity. As Jon Gordon so succinctly summarizes in the article I reference below, the advantages of positivity are remarkable. But achievable by each of us. Fortunately, ways of thinking, behaviors, can be changed. It may not be easy, given years of thinking a certain way, but it is possible. For why you might want to reflect on how you think and behave, read Jon’s article. The Benefits of Positivity and Cost … Continue reading The Benefits of Positivity and Cost of Negativity

Career Change Advice, Use Personal Strengths

Learn the critical role your personal strengths play in career success. When planning your career development or changing career, start with a self assessment of your personal strengths. Every highly functioning adult has a wide range of competencies. However, each person excels at only a few skills and abilities. Fortunately, everyone does excel at some things. The best career development or career change advice is to identify your personal strengths and make career change decisions based on maximizing your opportunity to highly leverage your own strengths. Personal Strengths Studies show that people are most productive, most creative, and happiest when … Continue reading Career Change Advice, Use Personal Strengths