The Power of Yet: A Growth Mindset

Small words are often our most powerful words. No, Yes, Now, Love, and Stop are all small words with power. When we respond to a situation or question with these words we convey power of conviction. I’d like to add another small word to the list: YET. Yet conveys hope, growth, possibility, future action, and positivism. Consider these two sentences: I don’t understand financial stuff. I don’t understand financial stuff, yet. See the difference? The first sentence conveys that lack of understanding is inherent, genetic, is-what-it-is and will always be that way. Adding YET, says I don’t understand now, but … Continue reading The Power of Yet: A Growth Mindset

Choose Peace.

Originally posted on Thriving Under Pressure:
So much happens in the course of a day that is beyond our control. There are 100 ways to respond. And only 1 way that feels right. Overslept (again). Choose peace. Ran out of coffee. Choose peace.  Stuck in traffic. Choose peace. Missed a deadline. Choose peace. Technology overload. Choose peace. Nonstop meetings. Choose peace. Difficult boss. Choose peace. Argument with spouse. Choose peace. Messy house (again). Choose peace. Children acting up. Choose peace. Difficulty relaxing at night. Choose peace.  Related Video: Eckhart Tolle’s Inner Peace Exercise Continue reading Choose Peace.