Note To Self: Understanding

Understanding other people, rather than judging them is a wonderful way to love unconditionally. I believe everyone is doing their best, though it may not be the best they can ever be. Love them for where they are and the journey they’re on. Jerry

Maria Larriane



At times, we tend to judge others for their actions that we begin to dislike them or even hate them. I feel that it is better to understand other people as to why they act or speak the way they do and as to why they treat others poorly. Certainly, I have failed to understand certain people that I ended up distrusting and disliking them.

I have been practicing this “understanding others” way because I feel that it makes me a better person. I always try to put myself in that person’s situation and try to understand them instead of dislike them. I feel that being understanding shows kindness towards another. This is definitely a note-to-self because it is important to build relationships than burn bridges.


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